Anonymous, PhD

I just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Angela Glymph, one of your dissertation coaches, regarding my dissertation process. I believe she was instrumental in the expedient completion of my dissertation. Her help with data analysis and my understanding of the data made the process less complicated and facilitated my ability to speak confidently regarding my findings. My ability to understand this data also helped me effectively write my dissertation in a way that was accepted the first time by my dissertation committee with minimal corrections. Dr. Glymph also coached me through the defense process and provided valuable insight into areas of strength and weaknesses in the my defense delivery. Her coaching significantly reduced my anxiety and helped me address questions during the dissertation defense. I was complemented at various points in my dissertation on my expedient delivery and completion of the final dissertation, which I attribute greatly to those who helped me along the way. I believe that Dr. Glymph was one of those key individuals and I am very pleased that I retained your company’s services. I would gladly recommend your company to others based on my experience with Dr. Glymph.