Anonymous, PhD

December 2, 2020

One of the most challenging days in my adult life was when my very toxic committee didn’t pass my proposal and then the chair of the department subsequently screamed in my face and threatened me. I did not see a path forward. I remember aimlessly googling to see if there was anyone out there who offered some kind of dissertation support; I didn’t even know if it was actually a real thing. I found Alison who connected me to Christopher and I had no idea how amazing he would be. He saved my sanity and gave me the courage and confidence to complete my PhD. He taught me everything I should have learned from my committee, he gave me so much guidance, he was never patronizing and he was endlessly patient with my questions and concerns. He helped me completely redesign my research and develop out methodology that would satisfy the committee. I would not have finished if it hadn’t been for him. I often thought of giving up because it was such a toxic situation but somehow we crossed the finish line. The imposter syndrome in doctoral work is overwhelming and it can seem like all is truly lost, but I would encourage anyone feeling truly hopeless to call Alison and get connected to a coach. I am profoundly grateful for their support and it was the absolute BEST money I have ever spent in my life.