Anonymous PhD

September 26, 2018

Wisdom, expertise, and care are some of the words that best describe my experience working with The Dissertation Coach team.
From my initial communication with Dr. Alison Miller, I could tell this was the type of assistance I desperately needed to resolve my situation. Attempting to complete and submit my doctoral proposal for approval for almost two years was getting me nowhere.
Until Dr. Miller put me in contact with another champion; Dr. Christopher Bradley, to explore the possibilities to recover what was almost a dead project for me to complete my doctoral dissertation requirements. I don’t have enough words to describe, how not just the technical expertise of Dr. Bradley helped me, but his genuine desire to see me succeed. You cannot put a price on this type of quality of service. I would advise any doctoral student not to wait until the last minute to find this type of consulting and coaching services. I could have saved lots of resources and time, thousands of dollars and years if I had sought out their help earlier. I am glad the game is over and that I can say ” I am a Doctor” but it could have not been possible without the help of my new friends at The Dissertation Coach.Thank you so much for your mission to restore faith and confidence to those of us who were ready to give up!