Anonymous, Ph.D., Psychology

January 31, 2013

After struggling with my dissertation for many months with little help from my dissertation committee, I felt frustrated and lost.  I had no idea how to tackle such a huge task with so little support or direction.  I remembered that a friend had previously mentioned how helpful a dissertation coach had been to her, so I searched online and found The Dissertation Coach.  Melinda Valente helped me formulate a plan of action, find ways to stick to it, and identify obstacles.  She provided the emotional support and encouragement that was so lacking in my program.  Melinda and I communicated daily through a Google Doc/Task List, and the accountability and structure that she offered were key to helping me stay on-track.  In just under a year of starting my work with Melinda, I successfully defended my dissertation.  What a great feeling!  Thank you so much, Melinda!