Anonymous, PhD

April 28, 2013

When I began working with Michal Lemberger more than a year ago, I lacked the confidence in my ability as a writer to turn the ideas I had in my head into a written product. But Michal helped me see past the dread of looking at a blank screen and provided essential (almost daily) consulting which resulted in a magnificent doctoral dissertation. One of the committee members at my defense—a very accomplished writer himself—went on and on about the quality of my prose. I could not believe it!


Michal was so much more than a copy-editor for me, although she does that task extremely well. She had the uncanny ability to suggest developmental and analytical routes I could not see because of stress and anxiety. Once I explained the arguments I wanted to make she helped me turn them into written text quite quickly. She is an amazing intellectual and a very accomplished writer, so she knew exactly how to help me refine my prose into an appropriate style. As the project progressed she was able to coordinate the earlier chapters with the later ones so that the constituent parts of the thesis spoke to each other. She was also very prompt in her feedback. Rarely a day went by when she did not get something done.


I learned so much about writing from Michal. Working with her has been one of the smartest decisions I have made. I had worked with another consultant outside of Alison’s group in the past, and Michal provided a lot more bang for her buck. The money I spent would have gone to continuing enrollment fees at my university regardless of whether I hired a consultant. I now have my degree and can move on with my life. Thanks Alison and Michal!