Anonymous, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Nursing, Walden University

April 13, 2015

My first experience with dissertation editing was with another company who promised to get my dissertation done in 1 month. They asked me to pay upfront and as I was desperate for help, I wired them the money via Western Union. They first edit of my document was promised in 4 days, One week later, I was still waiting, they maintained communication with me via email, eventually, their telephone number was not working anymore. The next thing I knew, the email address was not working anymore, when I sent an email it was returned to back to me. I went online looking for them and their new contact information but they seem to have disappeared. I panicked and called The Dissertation Coach. In search of answers, I spoke to Dr. Alison Miller and explained my unfortunate experience with the other company. She explained how her business operates in an open, straightforward manner. Given my prior experience, it took me some time to have faith and work with her company. I decided to give her company a try. Thank God I did. Alison recommended Dr. Christopher Bradley who took me on and worked with me through thick and thin. I had many sleepless nights, where I doubted myself and questioned whether, I would ever get to the end of my program. If you get to a point where you feel like you have been “boxed in” and you feel like calling the whole thing quits, reach out to Dr. Alison Miller. She is fair and like a mother hen, she is very protective of her clients and the people who work for her. I trusted her and I followed her instructions and Christopher’s lead. In the end, I have Christopher to thank for the rest of my life. It was not because I was not smart enough. I have always been an A student throughout my school life but the dissertation portion of the program was extremely confusing to me because, as a nurse, we are not trained to do research. Also English is my second language. Yet the expectation for research or dissertation does not change because of your discipline or your mother tongue. The key to it is persistence, hard work, patience, and perseverance! Your dissertation coach and Dr. Alison Miller have a vested interest in your success. They don’t give up on you until you make it to the the finish line. Many thanks to Dr. Christopher Bradley my faithful dissertation consultant, Dr. Alison Miller and Ray Meek for your amazing company to help struggling student achieve our educational goals. I would strongly recommend any student regardless of your discipline, to reach out to the company that truly works. Stick it out with them and they will coach you to the finish line! If I can get there, you too can. I wish you the very best in your dissertation Journey and your future endeavors.