Anonymous in California, MS, PhD

April 10, 2018

I am a scientific Postdoctoral Scholar and I worked with Dr. Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir to prepare a paper for submission. She coached me through a time of isolation in an unsupportive work environment when I was considering quitting my post-doc. Rebecca is a compassionate, holistic, and dedicated coach. She worked with me to develop personalized strategies to overcome limiting beliefs and blocks. Some strategies included spending 15 minutes a day editing a running set of slides, resetting after a stressful interaction, and rewarding myself at the end of every day. Rebecca compassionately and gently supported me in using these strategies such that they are now integrated in my daily workflow. As a result of working with Rebecca, I am consistently productive, and I work with a joy that I had forgotten. My paper was awarded a talk at an upcoming conference and I will submit the paper in the next month. My work environment is more supportive as a result and I am confident that I will complete my post-doc. In addition, my family told me that I am more present when I am with them, and I am more fulfilled in my personal life. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Rebecca to anyone who is having a challenging time publishing or who wants to find a new level of work and life satisfaction.