Amberly Wagner-Connolly DNP, MSN, RN

January 26, 2017

Dear Alison, I truly believe that if I had not found The Dissertation Coach I would not have made it through my doctoral program. As a busy mom of 6, working full time, with baby number 7 on the way and only a few classes and my project to go for completion of my DNP, I was desperate for some guidance. I was so stressed and feeling hopeless until my consultant, Deirdre Rogers came into the picture. She reminded me that I am an expert, and that I do have very important contributions to bring to the world. She was always just an email away and was so quick to respond to my questions no matter how “dumb” I thought they might be. She never made me feel judged and she truly was the miracle I needed. When baby 7 came (#3 during my Doctorate) I was convinced I would never be able to pull it off. When I was at a low point, a phone call and additional guidance from my consultant always pushed me to keep moving forward. She took the time to understand what was important to me and helped me create a plan to make it happen. Her turnaround time was excellent and her knowledge was priceless. This month I can say I am finally done with my degree, but I am not done pursuing my dreams to make a difference in the world. I plan to continue to take advantage of the services my consultant has to offer throughout the rest of my career. I value her input and I know that she will be an excellent resource for me for years to come. I cannot thank you and Deirdre enough!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!