Amanda Flagg, PhD in Nursing, San Antonio TX

I have had the privilege of Dr Miller’s dissertation coaching and I can truly state that without her expertise, I would never be so close to finishing as I am presently. I hope to defend my dissertation late this year. The key struggles that would have perhaps delayed me indefinitely in this endeavor have been the following: 1) procrastination, pure and simple and 2) fear. Dr Miller was able to and continues to help me overcome these two major obstacles by first addressing those two items head on using a kind and compassionate but firm approach. Secondly, she acknowledges that I am not alone in these concerns, by allowing me to vent in a safe environment, and then assists me by engaging in the use of excellent strategies that have enabled me to succeed and to move on to being close to finishing. Her excellent use of coaching skills, encouragement, organization skills, strategies for not only writing but communicating with dissertation committees and leadership, along with countless other forms of interactions have been invaluable to me. She has my highest recommendation as one of this nation’s top dissertation coaches!

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