A happy and quietly confident graduate student.

August 5, 2020

I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Allison Miller for offering this service to an otherwise exhausted and confused graduate student. After an initial conversation, Dr. Miller matched me to a dissertation consultant, making every effort to find me a good fit. My consultant, Dr. Christopher, was and continues to be EXCEPTIONAL.
Christopher thoroughly explains the material to you without making you feel not bright; even though at times I questioned whether I belonged in such a high-level program, I never felt that way when talking to my coach. Always encouraging, never condescending, Christopher explained the statistical and theoretical material to me and gave me pointers on how to better my writing. He is so knowledgeable, yet he gets straight to the point, covering only information that will help you; he has probably forgotten more than I know! Many times I would think, I wish my instructor would have told me this. This unique and helpful service is reasonably priced and worth every penny. I cannot emphasize enough how much I have learned and how much my writing has improved due to the mentoring and support e I received. I do not think that I would have gotten this far in my program without my dissertation consultant’s guidance. I unreservedly recommend this service to those willing to put in the work and listen to the advice given; I only wish I had discovered it sooner. Let me know when you have your IPO!