Jarid T. Ison, DBA

Reflecting back on my educational career and the transformation I have made as a academic, I have to say if you asked me 10 years ago I would never have guessed that I would have a doctorate degree. Well, today I can proudly say that I have something that the majority of people do not have, my Doctorate in Business Administration. It was a lot of hard work and without the help of The Dissertation Coach, I would not have been able to finish. Dr. Harry McGinnis is an amazing resource, mentor, and I consider him a friend. Harry was there with me through the good days and the bad. If I needed to call and vent, or just run something by him, he made the time to be there for me. Dr. Alison Miller who owns the company, is engaged in all of her clients and willing to talk with them. I had a few battles to fight with my university, and both Alison and Harry were engaged through the entire process. If you need help, feel like the challenge cannot be overcome, do not lose hope. Call The Dissertation Coach and they will get you through it. My experience here has changed my life, and I cannot send enough praises out about this organization.