Veronica Richard, PhD

Veronica’s experience encompasses working with undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students, primarily in literacy and research methods. Throughout her career, Dr. Richard has been a vital member of research teams focusing on supporting at-risk youth. The primary focus areas of these teams included literacy development, social and behavioral skill development, and teacher development. Her work emphasizes the significance of building partnerships among diverse stakeholders, highlighting how these collaborations contribute to change and advocacy.

Dr. Richard earned her Ph.D. from the University of Northern Colorado in 2010, specializing in Applied Statistical Research and Research Methods with a cognate in Reading. Her extensive training and experience in qualitative methodologies, methods, and literacy have given her a distinct set of skills.
In addition to her academic and research endeavors, Dr. Richard serves as a reviewer for several prestigious journals, including Qualitative Research in Psychology, Emerging Adulthood, and the International Journal of Research and Methods in Education. Her work is driven by a commitment to amplifying voices that are often marginalized or silenced. This commitment is reflected in her pedagogy, research, and mentoring practices.

One of Dr. Richard’s primary goals is to assist others in navigating and gaining confidence in scholarly discourse. She believes in empowering individuals to become confident and articulate contributors in their fields, dedicating herself to supporting them on their scholarly journey.