Nicole Prause, PhD – Dissertation Consultant and Statistician

NICOLE PRAUSE, PHD – DISSERTATION CONSULTANT AND STATISTICIANNicole Prause received her PhD in Clinical Science in 2007 from Indiana University, Bloomington and postdoctoral research fellowship at Harvard University. She has over 100 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of psychophysiology, addictions, and sexual health, among others. In addition to her own doctoral students while a tenure-track professor early in her career, Dr. Prause also served as the Dissertation Director at a private university focused on social sciences. She worked in Data Science in the “Silicon Beach” area in Los Angeles, managing big data projects. With a strong background in frequentist statistics commonly used in dissertations, she specializes in time series analysis (following a process or person with repeated measures) and clinical assessments. She has supported physicians, physician-scientists, and large federally-funded teams through publication. As the “nerd whisperer”, she is practiced in making complex statistics accessible to those without, or a distant, experience with statistics. Her primary, current role is as a Senior Statistician at the University of California, Los Angeles.