Kirstie Eastwood, MSc – CEO of The Dissertation Coach

Kirstie has worked as a statistics lecturer in higher education since 2015, and as a quantitative research consultant for academic and industry research since 2016. She has a passion for people, teaching, numbers, and community upliftment, and describes her “professional self” as a quantitative research consultant, entrepreneur, dedicated educator, and philanthropist. Kirstie has lectured statistics to hundreds of students nationally and internationally and has consulted on more than 600 research projects from conceptualization to completion. Through the diversity of research projects, Kirstie has developed a comprehensive understanding and expertise in the research requirements of businesses, academics, and graduate students, irrespective of the field of research. In addition to consulting, she enjoys presenting workshops that cover all commonly used research methodologies (from conceptualization, data collection, data analysis in various statistical software through to results interpretations and reporting). Being a people’s person, Kirstie appreciates the interactions that come from teaching and consulting with fellow researchers. She has a MSc in Mathematical Statistics and graduated as the top student across all faculties and 6000 graduates at Nelson Mandela University. Apart from teaching and consulting, Kirstie has been active in her own research and has co-authored papers in peer-reviewed journals as well as received funding and managed large grant funded projects. Kirstie believes that although mathematics and statistics are often perceived as challenging subjects, it is not a lack of aptitude, but rather the fear of the subject that inhibits a person’s ability to excel. She is passionate about breaking down this barrier and dealing with the practicalities of quantitative research rather than a string of theoretical ideas and frameworks that people find difficult to integrate into real-life research. Kirstie loves empowering people to take charge of their own work.