Karen Rosenberg, PhD – Dissertation Coach, Faculty Coach, and Consultant

Karen Rosenberg, PhD, is a dissertation consultant and coach who is passionate about partnering with writers to help them succeed on their educational journeys. As a doctoral student in women’s studies, Karen gained extensive experience in interdisciplinary qualitative research methodologies as well as text-based methodologies like discourse analysis. Her dissertation examined criminal legal responses to violence against women in Canada and the United States, a project that involved collecting and analyzing qualitative interview data as part of a comparative case study. Karen’s multi- and interdisciplinary background allows her to adeptly navigate diverse fields, quickly identifying core research questions and synthesizing key literatures. After the birth of her first child, Karen pivoted from researching violence against women to centering her work on supporting academic writers. She directed the writing center at the University of Washington Bothell for over a decade, coaching student and faculty writers as well as leading faculty development programs. She then transitioned to McMaster University as a graduate writing specialist, consulting with doctoral students in the humanities, social sciences, and health sciences to provide tailored guidance through their dissertation writing process. Karen’s approach blends pragmatism with compassion, equipping writers with efficient, effective strategies to meet their goals.