Karen Rosenberg, PhD – Dissertation Coach And Consultant

Karen Rosenberg, PhD - Dissertation CoachKaren Rosenberg is an effective and insightful writing coach who is passionate about partnering with writers to meet their goals. Karen has a PhD in Women’s Studies from the University of Washington. Karen first started coaching academic writers at Swarthmore College where she worked with fellow undergraduates. As a doctoral student in women’s studies at the University of Washington, Karen designed and taught thesis writing seminars and sought out writing mentors for herself among the faculty she worked with. For her dissertation, Karen conducted a comparative case study of responses to violence against women in Canada and the United States. Her experience with multi- and interdisciplinary work enables Karen to see the forest for the trees and quickly determine how to find key questions and literatures across and within fields. After completing her doctorate, Karen directed a university writing center where she coached writers individually and designed programs to support student and faculty writers. Karen left that role after more than a decade to devote more time to her own writing and coaching practice. Karen’s approach to supporting writers is both pragmatic and compassionate and she has deep respect for writers and their unique journeys.