Dean Spaulding, PhD – Dissertation Consultant And Statistician

Dean Spaulding, PhD, Dissertation Consultant and StatisticianDean T. Spaulding earned a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Albany/SUNY where he focused his work in educational psychology and statistics. He served as an associate faculty member for 20 years, teaching graduate level research, statistics, and program evaluation courses. He is a coauthor of five books including Educational Research: From Theory to Practice (Wiley, 2010), used by hundreds of dissertation candidates around the world. According to Google Scholar the book has been cited in over 3,000 peer-reviewed journals, dissertations and master’s thesis. Dean has extensive expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research design, instrument development, assessment validation, and working with large school databases. In addition to statistical expertise, he also enjoys working with students to develop research questions and frameworks to guide their potential studies. Dean also has two decades of grant writing and program evaluation experience and has served as the external evaluator on grants for the National Science Foundation (NSF), US Education Department (USD+ED), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), the Calder Foundation, and numerous K-12 school districts and institutions of higher education. He enjoys working with clients at all stages of the dissertation process and is passionate about helping others reach their full potential. Dean prides himself at being able to work with a wide range of learners and provide clients with individual learning strategies, targeted specifically to move clients through the dissertation pathway. Dean believes that the dissertation is one of the most exciting experiences one will encounter, and while the process may be challenging, it also brings about great reward and a true sense of accomplishment that last a lifetime.