Amelia Andrews, PhD – Dissertation Consultant And Statistician

Amelia Andrews StatisticianAmelia Andrews is a skilled mixed-method and experimental researcher with a PhD in Political Science from Purdue University and over 10 years of experience directing complex social science research projects and writing technical reports, grant proposals, as well as peer-reviewed articles. In her research, Amelia uses quantitative, qualitative, and experimental techniques to explore the use of soft power in influencing actors’ environmental attitudes and behaviors. This underlies her expertise in statistical analysis (MLE, multiplicative interactions, ANOVA, OLS), experimental as well as survey design and analysis, interviewing, and content analysis. Amelia also has extensive experience teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in research design, quantitative and qualitative methods, policy analysis, and program evaluation in addition to advising graduate thesis projects across multiple disciplines. As a consultant, she likes to truly support students as they embark on their research journey, helping them to find clarity and to streamline the research process. In addition to offering technical and statistical assistance, she also enjoys helping students to identify research questions, structure literature reviews and arguments, optimize research designs, prepare IRB proposals, analyze, and interpret findings, respond to feedback, produce and format final drafts, and prepare for presentation. Amelia is passionate about bringing the humanity back into the academic experience and providing students with the tools and support they need to find balance as well as academic and professional success.