I sought assistance from The Dissertation Coach early on in my dissertation because I knew the importance of a great start. After my initial consultation with Alison Miller, PhD., I knew I had the right agency to guide me throughout my dissertation. During that initial consultation, Dr. Miller suggested that I work with Rowena Robles, PhD., who was an expert in my research topic. Dr. Robles provided valuable knowledge on my research topic. For example, in my literature review, I was hinting about a specific theory that I knew nothing about. However, Dr. Robles recognized the theory right away and recommended that I read up on it because she knew it would make my research stronger. After reading about that theory, I agreed with Dr. Robles that it was appropriate for my research. I wrote about that theory in my literature review and used it as part of my conceptual framework. Without Dr. Robles’ knowledge, I would have never learned about that theory and my dissertation would have been weak. Throughout my dissertation, I knew Dr. Robles’ intentions were to help me write a strong dissertation. I would highly recommend The Dissertation Coach and Dr. Robles to others. Thank you Dr. Miller and Dr. Robles.