Chrome laptop on white chic desk with potted cacti behind it

Making Your Dissertation Environment Work for You

Take a scan of your work environment right now. What do you see? Is your desk cluttered, messy, amok with papers, books, and files? Is your space an environment where you can focus easily and concentrate? Are you able to find what you need? Is it clean? Inviting? Do you like being there? Do you feel inspired to get down to business and work? While it might seem obvious that your work environment would have a big impact on your productivity, it’s easy to feel

Timer that looks like a tomato in reference to the Pomodoro Technique

Use Tomatoes to Finish Your Dissertation: The Pomodoro Technique

If you overheard our coaches talking to our clients, you might wonder why we keep mentioning the word tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes are a frequent part of our coaching vernacular. The term comes from Francesco Cirillo’s Pomodoro Technique, a deceptively simple, yet highly effective approach to improving focus and productivity. When Cirillo developed the technique, he called it “pomodoro,” which is Italian for tomato, because he named it after the tomato shaped timer he used to divide his time into twenty-five minute intervals. The basic idea