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Stop Confusing the Dissertation Process with the Product

There seems to be a universal confusion that bedevils students’ ability to make real writing progress on a daily basis. This confusion is understanding the difference between the process of writing a dissertation and the final product that is created by virtue of that process. The process of writing a dissertation involves many steps including activities such as research, reading, taking notes, outlining, drafting, revising (often many times), analyzing, interpreting, copy editing,  and incorporating the feedback of others.  At the end of that writing process,

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Finish Your Dissertation in 2019 Part 4: Cultivate Self-Awareness

We are happy to bring you our 4th post in our 4-part series on finishing your dissertation in 2019. Our hope is that the first 3 posts about setting intentions, creating rituals to stay connected to those intentions, and admitting what you don’t know are useful to you throughout the year. In our 4th post, we are inviting you to focus on a highly important investment of your time and energy. This focus is on cultivating self-awareness. On the road to a doctoral degree, you

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Finish Your Dissertation in 2019 Part 3: Admit You Don’t Know

We are happy to be back with our 3rd installment of our 4-part series on finishing your dissertation in 2019. We hope you will read the first two posts on setting intentions and reinforcing those intentions to support your goals this year. In this post, we suggest something that may seem counterintuitive; being willing to work on your dissertation without knowing exactly what you are doing. Yes, we are actually telling you to let it be okay that you don’t always know what you are